The Innovative Multipurpose Multifunction Balloon 

The WIZNMIXTM Cyclone Bulb is an ingenious multipurpose multifunction invention.

It’s never been so easy and such fun to prepare food.

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The WIZNMIXTM 3D Multi-Knife is a groundbreaking multipurpose attachment that performs multiple functions in seconds.

With patented vertical layered blade technology to cut evenly and thoroughly at different heights in the bowl, the 3D Multi-Knife will chop, cut, grate, grind, mix, crush and blend more evenly and quickly than you thought possible.

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The WIZNMIXTM Paddle Knife is a novel multi-purpose blade.

This paddle attachment can mix, chop and beat: Dough (for pizza or cupcakes), pesto sauce, Caesar sauce and avocado, omelets, Tamagoyaki Japanese omelet, Belgian waffles, Pancakes/Blintzes, chopping garlic

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The Juicer is an optional addition for WISEMiX that comprises an additional bowl with pouring spout and a straining mechanism to separate the solids from the liquid. Integrating with the 3D Multi-Knife, the Juicer allows you to make fresh, healthy fruit and vegetable juices within seconds!

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Let's make great things together

WIZNMiX. Easier, Faster, Smarter! Every home chef’s choice and dream.

Whether you’re a professional chef, a home cook or just hungry and wish to create your favorite dish in seconds – we proudly present “WIZNMiX™”, our all-in-one kitchen appliance.
WIZNMiX™ is full of surprises to make your cooking experience faster and more enjoyable.
With its high and low speed and special gear you will achieve best equally ingredients results. Its design is made for easy use and cleaning.

All our products are registered patent and have global proprietary rights

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