Our Technology

WIZNMiX Unique non-exisitng Technology

WIZ’N’MiX™ All-in-One performs a variety of functions replacing existing appliances in the kitchen.

Garlic peeler, Hand Blender, Grater,Ice Cream machine, Coffee Grinder, Ice Crusher, Juicer, Milk Frother, Mixer, Food Processor, Blander, Meat Grinder.



All-in-One-your su-chef in the kitchen! Every chef’s dream

WIZ’N’MiX™ All-in-One is a unique kitchen appliance posed to disrupt the old-school blender market!
It is incredibly multi-functional, allowing for many different types of kitchen creations.
it’s unique – non-existing innovative kitchen appliance created in new advanced technology accessories make functions that don’t exist in any other product and protected by worldwide registered patents.

WIZ’N’MiX™ has 4 accessories (Cyclone Bulb, Paddle Knife, 3D Layers knife, and unique juicer) that ensure your experience faster and even than ever before!

With a noise level of only 64 DB due to its developed technology, WIZ’N’MiX™ is up to 40% lower than similar appliances allowing you to enjoy your work in the kitchen!


The amazing Cyclone Bulb is a worldwide patented unique tool that doesn’t exist in any other appliance.

It whips milk in 10 seconds, cream in 50 seconds, meringue form eggs white in 50 seconds, Tamagoyaki – Japanese omelet in 15 seconds. Make mayonnaise sauce and more.

Peels garlic in 50 seconds and peels peanuts in 25 seconds.


The Paddle knife is a unique tool that doesn’t exist in any other appliance. it is used to mix, chop, beat and knead.

It is incredibly versatile and makes dough, batters and sauces, Iced coffee and chopped garlic.

It prepares pizza dough in 14 seconds, pancakes, blintzes & waffles in 20 seconds, pesto, salsa & Caesar sauce in 20 seconds, cocktails in no time at all!


With the optional patented juice strainer,

it makes pulp-free fruit or vegetable juice in no time.


The patented 3D multi-blade has 6 blades and 4 wings which extend upwards to nearly the height of the bowl to ensure any ingredients are cut quickly and evenly.

No more stuck cubes in the corner not getting processed!


Exceptionally quiet motor.  Up to 40% quieter than similar kitchen appliances.

High torque gearbox makes light work of the most demanding task. Has even been tested successfully on stones and light bulbs!


Other appliances can’t perform functions as crushing ice, chop, mix, blend and more through all layers except the lower layer near the knife.

To get results, you need to give it a shake.

Blenders need to assist the knife to cut with the stick.

The due direct-drive motor needs high power motors that perform high-level noise while blending.

Inconvenient to use.

Long processing time.

Comparison Test

3D Multi-Knife can crush even stones and light bulbs