About us


We develop reliable and safe products that save time, increase efficiency, solve common problems around the home and incorporate ergonomic design. We are committed to manufacturing products with the highest quality materials, meeting or exceeding all required international standards.


TICHKUM HOME APPLIANCE LTD was established in 2005 to develop and commercialize innovative time-saving home appliances under the WISEDM BY TICHKUM. Our products and our designs are protected by patents registered worldwide.

The company employs a team of people who are dedicated to the research and development, design and manufacturing of novel products for the home.


The WISEDM BY TICHKUM currently offers three ready-to-market products that have registered patents around the world. The company continues to invest extensive resources into developing a long-term product pipeline and seeks collaboration with companies worldwide with similar values and that possess manufacturing and marketing abilities.


Our team has more than 42 years of experience in developing, selling and maintaining a wide range of home appliances and related products. Mr. David Menashs who is well known for his knowledge and experience has been devoted to the home appliance repair market for brand name manufacturers including Philips, Moulinex, Tefal, Braun, Mosher, Murphy Richards, KITCHEN AID, KENWOOD, AUSTERHISER, HAMILTON and Breville.


A serial entrepreneur with a string of patents to his name, David Menashs is a recognized leader in the development of home appliances. While designing and creating his own unique devices, he built and ran a national chain of appliance repair shops and in so doing, was able to encapsulate all his expertise and knowledge to create new exciting non existing products and accessories solutions for home and kitchen appliances.

David thinks outside the box, thrives on technical challenges, and with his experience in the home appliance sector, is uniquely positioned to identify problems and offer creative solutions. He understands how to leverage existing technology to build products that everyone wants in the global marketplace.
Most importantly, he is an inventor who can take a product from initial concept through to mass production and commercialization, with great success. His business acumen, ideas, and commitment, together with his dedicated and professional team are the secrets of this success.

David has been called upon by companies around the globe to invent “the next big thing” in small home appliances. Now he is delighted to step up to the challenge of offering his own original solutions under his own brand WISEDM BY TICHKUM.